Do you have self control?

When I woke up today, I checked my phone immediately for any important calls that I missed or message. I found a forwarded message which I usually deleted when I receive like this without reading. But the word "dad" stops me before I erase it. The message goes like this :

"While dad was polishing his new car, his 4 yr old son picked up a stone and scratched lines on the side of the car. In his fits of anger dad took the child's hands & hit it many times, didnt realize that he hit the child's hand with a wrench. At the hospital his child asked,"dad when will my fingers grow back?". Dad was so hurt, he went back to the car and kicked the car alot of times. Sitting back, he looked at the scratches the child made. It reads, "I love you Daddy" .

This message touched me. When you are provoke, bursted, hurt, upset most of us reacted differently. I remember the movie I watched with levi the "incredible hulk" -the guy went to training because of the willingness on how to control himsef especially when he is angry to prevent his transformation to become a hulk! Because when he will transform, he cannot control himself. He dont mind hitting anybody and destroy anything. Sometimes, we are like a bad "hulk" when we are angry. The result, we suffer and sorry for the damage, but how can you help it if its too late! This is just a reminder for each one one of us to help ourself to discipline and have a self control.

Vacation in Limasawa Island

Because of my hectic schedule, I had a hard time to get my summer vacation for 5 days. I file a leave 1 month before but it was leave as pending until my scheduled vacation. My supervisor was hesitant to approve it since I'm the only mentor in the team. Well, understand the need of the team but I also needs quality time for my family and myself so I talked with my manager on that day, fortunately I was given a favor! Right then, I pack my stuff quickly and leave davao as soon as 1:10 am! hahaa.. I can't miss this summer by not having a vacation, which I spend time for my family, friends and ofcourse myself! It was really sweet summer vacation for me! Unforgettable!

(I'll add some pictures from my vacation soon!)

A swimming pool room!

I reached my room today around 5:30am. I was able to get home early today for the first time since I got a schedule of 6:30pm-3:30am and I'm happy for it! Though it rains heavily while I'm on my way home, I didnt having a hardtime because I have my umbrella and have a safe ride!
I went to bed early, ofcourse its raining and I expect a pretty good sleep! zzzzzz!

Around 10:00 am, I was awake because of a "knock". I hate being awake coz I'm so tired from work. The door was keep on knocking so I just dragged myself to open the door like a half-wake person. It was a security guard in our dorm when I open the door. He asked me if my room were okay, I take a time to glance each side in my room. Suddenly, I just blunted, Oh my god! I just found my rice cooker, heater, my other stuff like floating in a pool! So I check all my stuffs and make sure everything is okay. This is the first time that my room got a water inside. Im just lucky because the guard and the caretaker help me to get the water in my room. I just found out that most of the room experiencing the same, Im not alone anyway.

After, I'm havin a hard time getting back to sleep so I just eat a breakfast outside and do some cleaning! Now my room is a "clean room", not a swimming pool anymore!