Enchanted River, you are mysterious...

"the river stands for its name..."

Not the rocky road, mud, up hill could stop us from getting to the Enchanted River of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. Situated 12 kilometers from the main road (Barobo-Hinatuan road).

As we arrived, it seemed like no river at all, why? I thought that it was just a swimming pool with clear blue waters… ^_^

The place was beautifully astounding with rock formations on it’s side, with lush thick forest vegetation around the area.

To local folks, it is said to be enchanted Plus a thousands of stories behind it, makes it outstanding!because the river is watched by earthly spirits.

Up to this day, that through such clear waters they can see a wealth of big varied fishes, yet could never, ever catch one by hand, net, spear fishing, or even dynamite.
And there are thousands of stories behind this river!

I really can’t explain more about the beauty of the place but all I can say is “Awesome! Beautiful, magnificent view"