There is no constant thing in this world but "change". People congratulate me for getting the position of SME, Im thankful and happy about it. But ofcourse aside from those wonderful greeting I have to face the challenge, greater responsibility. The hardest part for me is reshuffling for the SME. I have to leave my team. The team I'm so comfortable with and I love.

Time has come! No time to be sad but get the courage and face the challenge!

My Birthday Gift!

After my work today we went to taps to have a breakfast with my team (deniece, bj,dindo,jet,ross,denver and girlie. Its not a stressful day anyway since the queue is normal.
We just crack some jokes and walking in the streets. This guy named ross, he is one of my agent in the team came to near to me and gave me a small gift from his jacket. He said he supposed to gave it to me when we are in samal island with the team for my birthday and the teambuilding as well. I was surprised! really! I'm just happy. I tried to open the tiny box when were in taps. It was a double heart earings! Wow, i love earings. the silver brand which i really patronize. Im just amazed he knows the stuffs I like. It was perfect. Im thankful and happy. Thank you Ross!

Birthday bash!

My Special day!

This is one of the happiest birthday I had.
I moved on. On my birthday, I was able to had a celebration with my mom, relatives and few friends in hometown. On the following day, I celebrate my birthday extension with my team in samal island which is a very happy team building for me as well! Ross and Anderson was there!

I really thank God for all the blessings and favors that was given to me. I thank my family supporting me with more prayers. My friends who are sharing their time and happiness. My team, they are my babies. Mom my dearest. God my everything. You all are my precious gift. I'm so thankful

Happy Birthday to ME!