aHh, bOraCaY.

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boracay! despite the midnight-madness-like-crowd, the seaweed-laden shores, and the snotty new establishments, boracay is still as beautiful, a paradise through the years.

here is the sunset sessions..

this is Chocolate Creme Frappuccino from Starbucks, how can you go wrong?

how i wish to have a real tattoo, but like others.., i don't have the guts! thanks for henna tattoo, though it's temporary but you see it look's cool and sexy! ahuh...

...the famous lines...

1 - "what happens in boracay, stays in boracay."

this is a line spoken by many during the morning after a drunken night.i think with a chismosa-usisera-daldalera culture such as ours, what happens in boracay, cannot possibly just stay in boracay.

2 - "five w's."

" when did you get here?", "when you leaving?", "where you staying?", "who you with?", "will you party?" (for those people whose itineraries include such) are the five most spoken lines by vacationers in boracay.

3 - "you gotta get in shape before going to bora!"
i disagree! while i do appreciate the efforts of the toned up and gorgeous body i saw in boracay, i do not agree that it is a must to work your ass out before going! that's the beauty of boracay for me! either your obese, nice and curvy, with stretch-marks, white or disappearing dark, somewhat old or a little too young, anyone and everyone can wear a bikini or board shorts. everyone looks good in the beach! even without taking alcohol!

i'm sooo in love with the place but i find myself loving reyan moooore while we are celebrating our anniversary! it was full of fun, love and just all happiness! This moment is so remarkable and memorable!

best for pasalubong:

-puka bling anklet
-skirt with boracay name at the back
-printed tshirts made by hand painting
-sarong and native bags
-keychain are very cheap!
- there's more for you to find out!