Farmtown Addict!

I am finally levelling up in Farm Town. You might be thinking what the hell I am talking about, well, it is actually one of the games in Facebook I am crazy about it for a month now!

A month ago a friend invited me to add a Facebook application called "Farm Town" I generally ignore most facebook application invites as generally they are just spammy and manipulative. Farmtown is a flash game based upon the premise of farming and selling your goods at the market, but it also manage to pull in some social networking.

Whenever I come home, I usually sit down log in to my facebook and play after doing the usual stuff that needs to be done. You can buy houses, trees and animals to populate your farm. You can gain more points and coins when you work in other farm. Plus you can send gift for your neighbors!
Oh, I can't wait to buy this Mansion!

"I need to get level 34 to unlock the mansion.
It cost 1 million!"

Believe me this facebook games are simply addicting. Even my boyfriend likes the game and is helping me to level up! So, I took a photo to share. Try it you will never get bored! Just log in to your facebook and search the game.